Wagyu assets

The origins

The Wagyu beef is a Japanese beef. Its name comes from both « wa » for Japan and « gyu » for beef.

The common appellation of Wagyu is the famous Kobe beef. Raised at first for its strength and solidity, Wagyu beef has been isolated from the other breeds for over 200 years, considering the island country and wars. This isolation has ensured an unequal pure genetic.

Wagyu beefs are on an average stature, about 600 kg and have a massive silhouette and a strong neck.

The assets

Wagyu beef is worldly known for its outstanding meat thanks to the marbling, the meat is soft, tender and tasty.

Wagyu breed advantages are:

  • Strength
  • Quiet temperament
  • Versatile adaptation to environments
  • Calving ease
  • Early female maturity
  • Fertility
  • Carcass Production
  • Marbling
  • Softer fat composition: higher ratio of unsaturated fats - flavour
  • Meat texture is finer
  • Not excessive back fat
  • Rib eye Yield

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