GLOBAL REPRODUCTION SOLUTIONS PTY LTD is an Australian company set up within Goorambat Wagyu Farm, located on the northern Victoria area.
Goorambat Wagyu run a herd of “Full-blood” or 100% Wagyu cattle with about 200 breeding females with cow families representing each of the different strains of the breed, well renowned for its superior meat quality and high marbled beef.
Thanks to the diversity of the herd, GRS Embryos is able to produce embryos to meet our customers’ requirements depending on which particular Wagyu strains each herd requires.

Embryo Export Centre

GRS is an AQIS accredited embryo export center. It undergoes a regular audit by AQIS authorities and its facilities are maintained to a standard as required by the OIE world standards. This accreditation allows GRS Embryos to send embryos to Europe and many countries around the world.
Due to the different requirements of each countries, GRS Embryos has a number of separate 'areas’ within the overall export facility. Donors are kept in these areas to ensure compliance with various protocols of importer countries. This means GRS Embryos assure you of its high quality service and its commitment.

A 100% Wagyu Genetics

The term Wagyu has been loosely used over recent years where any animal with some Wagyu connection has been called Wagyu.
Goorambat Wagyu believes that the term “Wagyu” should be reserved for the original 100% genetics which are direct descendants from the original exports out of Japan. These 100% Wagyu animals can trace back their pedigrees through the Australian Wagyu Association (AWA) and these pedigrees are able to be independently authenticated through parentage verification. They then are given registration certificates.
Goorambat Wagyu register their genetics through the AWA and can provide pedigrees on request.

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