The assets of the Montbeliarde breed


Today, the Montbeliarde breed is very well-known worldwide for its use for crossbreeding on dairy and local cows. You’ll find here results from studies that have been done in different countries. You can also share your own experience and results on our Facebook page.

Native of Jura plateau from eastern part of France, the Montbeliarde breed belongs to the European branch of Pie-Rouge breeds.
Subjected to strong ranges of temperatures, the Montbeliarde breed got adapted to its environment. For several decades, the Montbeliarde has been expanded in other mountain areas in France but also in other regions, including foreign countries with tough climates. This development of the breed is thanks to numerous assets the breed combines between adaptability, production and health.

Here are the 10 main assets of the Montbeliarde breed :

The most selected type trait for more than 20 years to get an udder that can be used in any milking system (milking robot, rotary…)
Check this in our offer and last proof run where the average proof for udders, out of the 27 new genomic sires revealed this year, is scored at 115. This is more than one standard deviation above the breed average.
The second dairy breed in France with a 305 days production in 2015 of 7,232 kg of milk.
The Montbeliarde has a great cheeseable milk quality since 80% of the sires are AB or BB in Kappa Casein.
Twice less clinical mastitis (40% in dairy herds when it’s 20% in Montbeliarde herds)
N°1 in somatic cell scores: thanks to their perfect resistance, Montbeliarde cows produce one of the heathiest milk.
A key advantage of the breed strengthened by Jura-Betail fertility commitment guaranteeing 8 million spermatozoids alive per straw at the time of the insemination.
In Jura, the non-return rate is 64% for cows and 73% for heifers.
Interval between calving is reduced by 38 days versus Holstein cows.
20% of Montbeliarde cows do 5 lactations and more which is a guarantee of herd profitability
Montbeliarde type gives two main qualities : their chest width (better breathing capacity) and their body depth (more ingestion capacity).
Big asset of the breed that allow cows to get adapted to any tough natural environment.
Thanks to wide, long and slightly tilted rumps, cows need less care at calving and calves get a better vitality at birth time. It’s easy to start again a new lactation.
Dual-purpose breed, the Montbeliarde add values to your bull calves and culled cows.

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