Limousin breed is the 2nd largest beef breed in France

With 1,089,000 cows in 2020, the Limousin breed is the 2nd largest beef breed in France and represents 15% of the cattle population. With an increase of 6% in 10 years, the Limousin breed is developing in France and abroad, both as a pure breed and as a crossbred.

The Limousin was forged by its birthplace, the Limousin, a region with a predominantly grassland character and which can present difficult climatic conditions in winter. It is one of the oldest French breeds to have been selected for meat production. The good compromise between ease of breeding and commercial profitability has allowed the Limousin breed to develop.

The assets

Limousin meat has remarkable gustatory qualities with a very fine grain which makes it very tender. Both lean and juicy, its marbling gives it a taste that makes its reputation among amateurs.

Limousine is a large meat breed, with an exceptional butchery conformation and easy breeding. It provides a wide range of finished products, from milk-fed calves to heavy heifers, as well as different types of young cattle.


- Height of females : 135 to 145 cm
- Height of males : 140 to 155 cm
- Adult weight females : 650 to 950 kg
- Adult weight males : 1 000 to 1 400 kg

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