February 2019 | SIA et SIMA

At the Paris show this year, Ionaf, dam of MAXIMO JB, is the adult champion.

Ten years after Utile (Roilion JB) (2008 and 2009) from Gaec Millet (39), it is the turn of her granddaughter Ionaf (Flash JB / Triomphe) to climb on the highest step of the Parisian podium. This third lactation cow belongs to Gaec Blondet in Chilly sur Salins (39).
Ionaf cumulates the podiums since 2016 thanks to many qualities in terms of her morphology. She got a good size and exceptional body depth much like Flash JB’ daughters. Her udder well balanced and well attached as well as its fineness of feet make her a cow with a very dairy style.
In parallel with the rings, Ionaf is also very famous. She is the dam of the bull MAXIMO JB, number 2 within the Montbeliarde breed in type synthesis (132 points).

At this 2019 edition, other cows have distinguished themselves with a third section prize:
- in adult category: Gloria (Vigor JB) from Gaec Saillard and Hawai (Vigor JB) from Gaec Blondet
- in the young category: Lunicelle (Ibov JB) from Gaec Verger Solin. The dam of this young cow is the full sister of sires Genois JB and Gédéon JB.

Photo credit: Montbéliarde Association
At SIMA also the Jura cows were represented: 8 cows, on Eva Jura's stand, illustrated the qualities of the Montbéliarde breed. On Tuesday, during the Milk Day, the breeders took them to the ring to show visitors these qualities where each of the 8 cows illustrated one or more. This presentation, broadcast live on the networks, is also available on youtube.

Congratulations to all breeders !

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