May 2018 | Select Sires visit in Jura

 Lyle Kruse, V.P. US Market Development at Select Sires Inc., came in Jura to see and know more about the Montbeliarde breed.
Longevity, udders and feet and legs were the main traits Lyle appreciated. We have seen a lot of functional cows with still great udders at more than 7 years old.
Visits were organized by the Jura-Betail technical team and the objective was to show how the Montbeliarde breed adapts to any system and still keep functional abilities and amazing production level under different management: mais silage, organic farm, Comté cheese farm…
Healthy traits (somatic cells, conception rate and interval between calving), production level and strong feet and legs have been seen among 7 farms between bells’ ring and mist in pasture.

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