Welcome to DLG EXPORT

DLG EXPORT is The international partner of high quality bovine genetic companies (semen and embryos)

With more than 15 years in international business, DLG Export is dedicated to help bovine genetic companies to bring worldwide the best of the following breeds: Montbeliarde, Belgian Blue, Wagyu and Holstein.
Passion, Rigor, Confidence, Ethic and Listening are our values to ensure a good long-term relationship between our suppliers and distributors.

Why choose DLG Export ?

  • A strict selection of our breeds

    DLG Export’s suppliers are committed to work at their utmost through the creation of quality sires :
    Montbéliarde JB : an offer among the TOP 10 of the Montbeliarde breed.
    BBG: the only crossbreeding testing program in the world.
    GRS Embryos: the guarantee of a 100% pure Wagyu genetic.

  • High ethical standards

    Our first priority is that all international actors get involved and satisfied. Thus, DLG Export always focuses on its values, which are Passion, Rigor, Confidence, Ethic and Listening, to offer the best productivity and to ensure a good long-term relationship between our suppliers and distributors.

  • 15 years of experience

    As working in international business since 15 years, DLG Export benefits from all skills to assist in international sales of his suppliers’ products: the bovine genetic. Through our experience on the ground, we know specificities of your countries, your constraints on livestock breeding and your needs. Our ability to listen and fast responsiveness will be your allies.

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Our next dates

 Montbeliarde Proofs run: December 2, 2020

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